Vantage points and memorable places

Lots of vantage points and memorable places are hidden in the woods in the neighbourhood of Mariánské Lázně.They have been built since the beginning of the history of the town parallelly with the growing network of roads in the wood.

The destinations of trips often bear the names of prominent visitors who liked them. Follow their footsteps. You can learn some facts about the history of the memorable places on information boards or plaques, in summer-houses etc. The town of Mariánské Lázně is renovating these places one after another.

Singing fountain

The Singing Fountain is a rarity of Mariánské Lázně. The circular fountain has 18 metres in diametre. In the middle of a shallow basin, there is a stone sculpture representing a stylized flower whose middle is made of furbished stainless steel.

The fountain „sings“ mostly every odd hour and compositions can be heard in regular succession.


The first spa season was opened in 1808 and the place was called Mariánské Lázně. In 1818 it became a public spa which was raised to town in 1865

Nature rarity

Numerous healing springs whose composition is very different , concentrated in a small area.

Interesting place

Slavkovský les nature reserve which is covered with numerous marked paths for hikers, cyclers and skiers.

Architectual sights

The listed spa centre, St. Vladimir Russian Church, Englisch Church, Roman Catholic Assumption Church , Pavilion of the Cross Spring, Colonnade of the Ferdinand Spring, Chopin House etc.